Pearl's Girl by Underworld


"'''Pearl's Girl'" is the title of several 1996 single releases and a song by Underworld, from their album Second Toughest in the Infants''; where the song is titled "Pearls Girl". The single peaked on the UK Singles Chart at #22. The song title comes from the name of a racing greyhound.

"I spent a few nights in Hamburg," recalled Karl Hyde, "and it actually came from a night on the Rioja down by the docks. I'm actually shouting, Rioja, Rioja\u2026 I'd come from this really great club on the Reeperbahn, listening to lots of classic soul, which is where the 'Reverend Al Green' bit comes from. I was sitting by the docks and they have these 'bride boats' there, which people get married on. They go down the river and out to sea. I was just sitting there, Rioja-ed out, watching these boats sail past me at three in the morning. There were bonfires and everything."