The Good's Gone by The Who


"'''The Good's Gone'''" is the third track of English rock band The Who's debut album My Generation. The song was later released as a b-side for another album track, "La-La-La-Lies", in the UK after The Who left their first label, Brunswick. On the deluxe edition of the album, there was an extended version of the song as a bonus track, clocking in at 4:29.

This song begins with Pete Townshend playing the highest notes of the Bm7 chord. The verses have that chord played, followed by three consecutive A5 chords and another Bm7 chord, and the choruses have A5 played twice followed by B5.

In the album reissue's liner notes, Townshend was quoted to have said, "One of mine. I like it. Roger sounds as though he's about six feet tall when he's singing."