What'cha Wanna Do by Pras


"'''What'cha Wanna Do'" is a hip-hop song by Pras Michel, released as the fourth single from his debut solo studio album, Ghetto Supastar. The track features vocals from American group The Product G&B and rapper Free. The single was due to be released on September 28, 1998, but was pulled, and a last minute replacement, Blue Angels'', was released instead. The single was later released in the United States in January 1999, and a music video was filmed. The single was once again scheduled for release in the United Kingdom in February 1999, but was once again shelved. Some copies of the single found their way onto the shelves. The music video features Pras performing the song in a club, surrounded by people. It also shows Pras visiting a camp on Hawaii beach, and performing in between a group of girls, surrounded by palm trees. The Product G&B make an appearance in the video.