Loser by Ayreon


"Loser" (originally "Day Sixteen: Loser" in the album) is the fifth single by Arjen Anthony Lucassen's progressive rock/metal opera Ayreon, released on July 26, 2004 from its sixth album, The Human Equation. It is the fifth track of the second disc of its sixth album The Human Equation, and the sixteenth track of the overall album.Although it is released under Ayreon's name, the single version, very different, was made by Lucassen's other band Star One.

Lead vocals are provided by Mike Baker from Shadow Gallery, who is playing the character Father in his only album appearance. Devin Townsend provides vocals at the end of the song, in the third and final appearance of his character Rage. The song was composed by Lucassen, who also wrote Father's vocals; however Rage's vocals are written by Townsend himself.

On the single version, Peter Vink is playing bass and Joost van den Broek is playing keyboards;the two instruments were originally played by Lucassen. The most notable difference is the substitution of the Hammond solo of Ken Hensley by a duel between Lucassen and van den Broek.