Burnt Out Car by Saint Etienne


"Burnt Out Car" is a single by Saint Etienne. It was released by Heavenly Records to promote the November 2008 release of the band's latest best of album, London Conversations: The Best of Saint Etienne. The release of London Conversations was eventually delayed to February.

"Burnt Out Car" was originally slated to be a single in 1996 and remixes were commissioned. The release was eventually dropped but the Balearico Mix surfaced on the Casino Classics remix collection and the Continental album. The original mix was not released until 2006, when it appeared on the outtakes collection Nice Price.

The track was re-recorded and produced by the Xenomania team for the 2008 release. The single was backed by three b-sides spanning the 7" and CD single as well as a remix by Mark Brown.