Like a Motorway by Saint Etienne


"Like a Motorway" is a 1994 song by the British pop group Saint Etienne. The song combines the melody from the nineteenth century folk song "Silver Dagger" with a driving techno beat influenced by Kraftwerk and Snap!. It describes a friend whose lover has mysteriously vanished.

"Like a Motorway" appears on the album Tiger Bay. It was released as a single in May 1994, and reached #47 on the UK Singles Chart. The US release of Tiger Bay also features an "alternate version" with more complex percussion and electric guitar stings.

The cover art for the single features an abandoned car overgrown with foliage. The video consists of a long, slow zoom in Sarah Cracknell as she sings against a black background, intercut with occasional rapid shots of Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley in a car.