Never Let You Go ~Shindemo Hanasanai~ by 2AM


''Never Let You Go: Shindemo Hanasanai' (Never Let You Go \uff5e\u6b7b\u3093\u3067\u3082\u96e2\u3055\u306a\u3044\uff5e) is the first Japanese single by the South Korean boy band 2AM. It was released in January 11, 2012 in three different editions.

This title track is Japanese version of their Korean single Can't Let You Go Even If I Die.

Track 2 in this album is also a Japanese version of "I'm Sorry I Can't Laugh for You" (\uc6c3\uc5b4 \uc904 \uc218\uac00 \uc5c6\uc5b4\uc11c \ubbf8\uc548\ud558\ub2e4; Useo Jul Suga Obseoseo Mianhada) which also can be found in Can't Let You Go Even If I Die mini-album.