Fallen Angel by King Crimson


"Fallen Angel" is a song by progressive rock band King Crimson, the second track on their album Red. The verse is in 4/4 time with the chorus in 3/4.

The song is about a boy who gets his younger brother to join in the Hells Angels with him, and eventually watches him die in a fight in New York City.

"Fallen Angel" is the last King Crimson recording to date to feature Robert Fripp playing acoustic guitar. On subsequent recordings, he has played only electric guitar. The song began as part of an extended instrumental improvisatory piece performed by the original 1972-74 line-up with Jamie Muir and David Cross. A version of this early piece, also titled "Improv: Fallen Angel" can be heard on the King Crimson Collectors' Club release "Live at the Zoom Club October 1972". There is also a performance of "Improv: Fallen Angel Hullabaloo" on CD5 of Larks' Tongues in Aspic 2012 boxset - "Hull Technical College - November 10, 1972".