Missa Brevis No. 8 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


'''Missa brevis No. 8''' in C major, K. 259, is a mass composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, probably in 1776. It is scored for SATB soloists, SATB choir, violin I and II, 2 oboes, 2 clarini (high trumpets), 3 trombones ''colla parte'', timpani and basso continuo.

Although classed as a ''missa brevis'' (brief mass), the inclusion of trumpets in the scoring makes it a ''missa brevis et solemnis''. The mass derives its nickname '''''Orgelmesse''''' or '''''Orgelsolomesse''''' (Organ Solo Mass) from the ''obbligato'' organ solo entry of the Benedictus. This is one of three masses Mozart composed in November and December 1776, all set in C major, including the Credo Mass (K. 257) and the Piccolominimesse (K. 258).

The work consists of six movements. Performances require approximately 10–15 minutes.

#"Kyrie" Andante, C major, common time

#"Gloria" Allegro, C major, 3/4

#"Credo" Allegro, C major, common time

#"Sanctus" Adagio maestoso, C major, 3/4

#:"Pleni sunt coeli et terra..." Allegro, C major, cut common time

#"Benedictus" Allegro vivace, G major, 3/4

#:"Hosanna in excelsis..." Allegro, C major, 3/4

#"Agnus Dei" Adagio, C major, common time

#:"Dona nobis pacem..." Allegro, C major, 3/4