Le postillon de Lonjumeau by Adolphe Adam


'''''Le postillon de Lonjumeau''''' (''The Postillion of Lonjumeau'') is an opéra-comique in three acts by Adolphe Adam to a French libretto by 'Adolphe de Leuven' and 'Brunswick' (pen names of Adolphe von Ribbing and Léon Lévy).

The opera has become the most successful of Adam's works and the one by which he is best known outside his native France (apart from his ballet Giselle and his Christmas carol ''Cantique de Noël''). The opera is known for the difficult aria 'Mes amis, écoutez l'histoire' which has been called a test for tenors because of the demanding high D, or D5, in the end of the aria.