Symphony No. 2 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


'''Symphony No. 2 in B flat major''', KV 17, is now considered to be not by him, but by possibly his father, Leopold Mozart. This symphony has been given the number Anhang C 11.02 in the sixth edition of Ludwig Ritter von Köchel's catalog of Mozart's music., and is now also catalogued as Eisen B 6 in Cliff Eisen's catalog of Leopold Mozart's symphonies.


\relative c'' {

\key bes \major

\tempo "Allegro"

\partial 4 f8.\f f16 bes4 d,8. d16 f4 f,8. f16 bes4 d8. f16 \times 2/3 {f,8-. f (g} \times 2/3 {as g f)} g4


The piece is in four movements in the usual quick-slow-minuet-quick pattern:



#''Menuetto I & II''


The publication of this symphony in the Alte Mozart-Ausgabe, the first collected edition of Mozart's music, shows several points at which smaller, editorially-supplied notes are given, suggesting an unfinished composition. For instance, in "Menuetto I," only the first violin and cello/double bass parts are completed; the second violin and viola parts in their entirety in this movement are editorial additions.

Since K. 17 is now believed not to be by W.A. Mozart, the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe does not include this symphony as part of its edition.