Lieutenant Kijé by Sergei Prokofiev


'''''Lieutenant Kijé'''''Liner notes to 3-LP set Vox 3-VCL 9004X: Prokofiev: Music from the Films Ivan the Terrible, Alexander Nevsky, Lieutenant Kizheh: "For one reason or another, the French spelling of the title character's name - ''Kijé'' - has persisted in almost universal usage, causing a good deal of confusion as to the proper pronunciation. This is most regrettable, for the pronunciation of this name, rendered phonetically for Anglophones as ''Kizheh'' (with the emphasis on the second syllable) is essential to the story. It is in fact the very basis of the plot ... [Kizheh's] career, such as it was, came about in a misinterpretation of a report presented to Tsar Nicholas I, about 1830, in which the Tsar took the words "''parootchiki, zheh''" ("the lieutenants, however" - the Russian word ''zheh'', roughly equivalent to the German ''doch'', having no real equivalent in English) for "''Parootchik Kizheh''" (Lieutenant Kizheh"). The Tsar remarks on the unusual name and asks to see that officer's dossier; since no one dares tell the Tsar he has made a mistake, the lieutenant thus created must be provided with a ''curriculum vitae'' and his file must be closed as quickly and as neatly as possible." (, ''Poruchik Kizhe'') is the score composed by Sergei Prokofiev for the 1934 Soviet film ''Lieutenant Kijé'' directed by Aleksandr Faintsimmer based on the novel of the same title by Yury Tynyanov.