Missa in tempore belli by Joseph Haydn


''''''Missa in tempore belli''''' () is Joseph Haydn's tenth,The Haydn masses are sorted using chronological indices given by New Grove. The Hoboken catalogue had also placed the masses in a presumed chronological order, but further research has undermined that sequence. See ''Oxford Composer Companions: Haydn'', ed. David Wyn Jones, Oxford University Press, 2002, p. 475. ISBN 0-19-866216-5 and one of the most popular, of his fourteen settings of the mass.

This mass is catalogued '''''Mass No. 10 in C major''''', (H. XXII:9), and is sometimes known as the '''''Paukenmesse''''' (English: '''''Kettledrum Mass''''') due to the inclusion of the timpani in its orchestration. However, the autographed manuscript contains "'''Missa in tempore belli'''" in Haydn's own handwriting, showing no doubt that this was the intended title from the beginning.