Symphony No. 18 by Joseph Haydn


'''Symphony No. 18''' in G major, Hoboken I/18, is a symphony by Joseph Haydn. The composition date is uncertain. The Breitkopf catalogue entry assures that it was composed no later than 1766, but most scholars believe it was composed at least a few years before then. Dates between 1757 and 1764 have been suggested.H. C. Robbins Landon, ''The Symphonies of Joseph Haydn''. London: Universal Edition & Rockliff (1955): 642A. Peter Brown, ''The Symphonic Repertoire'', volume 2 (Bloomington and London: Indiana University Press, 2002): 30. ISBN 025333487X. Table reads: Landon 55: c1761-64, Hoboken: by 1764, Landon 70s: c. 1759-60, Feder, New Grove: by 1766, Gerlach: 1757/1759