Der Schauspieldirektor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


'''''''''' (''The Impresario''), K. 486, is a comic ''singspiel'' by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, set to a German libretto by Gottlieb Stephanie, an Austrian ''Schauspieldirektor''. Originally, it was written because of "the imperial command" of the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II who had invited 80 guests to a private luncheon.Smith 2001, p. 608

It is regarded as "a parody on the vanity of singers", who argue over status and pay.

Mozart, who describes it as "comedy with music"in Rushton 1998, p. 214 wrote it as his entry in a musical competition which was given a private performance hosted on 7 February 1786 by Joseph II at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.[ Opera Glass] on This competition pitted a German ''singspiel'', presented at one end of the room, against a competing Italian opera, the Italian entry being Antonio Salieri's opera buffa, ''Prima la musica e poi le parole'' (''First the Music, then the Words''), which was then given at the other end of the room. The premiere was followed by the first of three public performances given four days later at the Kärntnertor Theater, Vienna, on 11 February.