Academic Festival Overture by Johannes Brahms


''''''Academic Festival Overture''''' (),That is, ''Festival-overture for the Academy''; the German word ''Festouvertüre'' connotes a festive or celebratory overture and figures in the titles of Glazunov's ''Festouvertüre'', and Luise Adolpha Le Beau's ''Festouvertüre für großes Orchester'', among others. One occasionally sees Brahms' title written in English as ''"Academic Festival" Overture'', but in the German title, the adjective "akademisch" modifies ''Festouvertüre'', not ''Fest''. It is the overture that is festive, not an "Academic Festival" occasioning it. Op. 80, by Johannes Brahms, was one of a pair of contrasting concert overtures -- the other being the ''Tragic Overture'', Op. 81. Brahms composed the work during the summer of 1880 as a musical "thank you" to the University of Breslau, which had awarded him an honorary doctorate the previous year.