Violin Concerto in E major by Johann Sebastian Bach


'''Violin Concerto in E major''', BWV 1042, by Johann Sebastian Bach is a concerto for violin, strings and continuo in three movements:

#Allegro, meter of \u20b5, with ritornello.

#Adagio, meter of 3/4, with a ground bass.

#Allegro assai, meter of 3/8, with an overall structure of a rondo.

While there are two 18th-century scores, neither is autographed; however, Bach re-used the concerto as the model for his Harpsichord Concerto in D major, BWV 1054, found in his 1737-39 autographed manuscript of these works. The concerto is thought to have been written early in Bach's time in Weimar, when he was ''Konzertmeister'' at the Ducal Court.