Ercole su'l Termodonte by Antonio Vivaldi


'''''Ercole su'l Termodonte''''' (; ''Hercules in Thermodon'') is a baroque Italian opera in three acts. In 1723, it became the sixteenth opera set to music by Antonio Vivaldi. Its catalogue number is RV 710. The libretto was written by Antonio Salvi (not Giacomo Francesco Bussani as previously misattributed).''Vitali'', 2007 The opera was premiered January 23, 1723 in Rome's Teatro Capranica.[], accessed 16 December 2010 Due to a papal edict preventing women from appearing onstage in Rome, it premiered with castrati singing all the female roles. Vivaldi was both conductor and solo violinist.

Although the score was believed to have been lost, 30 arias and 2 duets were discovered in several archives, and the rest of the opera was reconstructed by Alessandro Ciccolini.