Study Symphony by Anton Bruckner


'''Study Symphony in F minor''' ('''Studiensymphonie'''), or simply '''Symphony in F minor''', WAB 99, was written in 1863 as an exercise under Otto Kitzler's instruction in form and orchestration. Scholars at first believed that the next symphony Bruckner wrote was the so-called Symphony No. 0, thus this symphony is sometimes called '''Symphony No. 00 in F minor'''. In any case, musicologists are sure now that the next symphony Bruckner wrote after this one was Symphony No. 1 in C minor.[ P. Hawkshaw, The Date of Bruckner's "Nullified" Symphony in D Minor] Together with the Linz version of Symphony No. 1, the Study Symphony was not written in Vienna like all Bruckner's other symphonies.Kinder, p. 104

The score of the Study Symphony was given by Bruckner to his friend Cyrill Hynais, together with that of the Four Orchestral Pieces of 1862 and the Overture in G minor. It was not played in Bruckner's lifetime, receiving its first performance at Klosterneuburg in 1924.Brown, p. 151 The Study Symphony is available in an edition by Leopold Nowak published in 1973.[ Anton Bruckner Critical Complete Edition - Symphony in F minor]