Le testament de la tante Caroline by Albert Roussel


'''''Le testament de la tante Caroline''''' (''Aunt Caroline's Will'') is an opéra bouffe or operetta by composer Albert Roussel and librettist Nino (pseudonym of Michel Veber). The original production was in the Czech language (prepared by Julie Reisserová) and in three acts, but the work was later revised into a one act operetta in the French language. The operetta tells the story of a family who is caught in a difficult set of circumstances surrounding the contents of a will and the dispersal of a vast fortune. The work premiered in Olomouc on 14 November 1936.Richard Langham Smith: "Le testament de la tante Caroline", ''Grove Music Online'' ed. L. Macy (Accessed February 08, 2009), [http://www.grovemusic.com (subscription access)]