Symphony, K. 45a by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


'''Symphony in G major "Old Lambach"''', K. Anh. 221/45a, was probably written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart during 1766 in The Hague and revised in 1767. Both versions - the original and the revision - have survived.

The symphony is scored for two oboes, two horns and strings. In contemporary orchestras, it was also usual to include bassoons and harpsichord if they were available in the orchestra to reinforce the bass line and act as the continuo. The duration is approximately 14 minutes.


\relative c' {

\clef bass

\key g \major

\tempo "Allegro maestoso"

g8.\f d16 g4 r8 r16 g g8.\trill fis32 g a8. d,16 a'4 r8 r16 a a8.\trill g32 a b8. d,16 b'4 r8 r16 b b8.\trill a32 b


The symphony consists of the following movements:

#Allegro maestoso, 4/4

#Andante, 2/4

#Presto (Molto allegro in the first version), 3/8