String Quartet by Ernest Chausson


'''String Quartet in C minor''', Op. 35, was begun by Ernest Chausson in 1898 and the composer had fully scored all but part of the third and last movement before he died in a bicycle accident on 10 June 1899. He was engaged on writing the last movement on the very day of his fatal accident.Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 5th ed, 1954, Vol. II, p. 191, '''Chausson, Ernest (Amédée)'''

Relying on the drafts left behind by Chausson, Vincent d'Indy completed the final movement at the request of the composer's family. The string quartet was premiered on January 27, 1900, at the Société Nationale de Musique (SNM). The performers were Armand Parent, Lammers, Denoyers and Baretti.

The first movement is rather influenced by the impressionism of Debussy, while the second adopts a theme from Wagner's opera ''Das Rheingold''.

The three movements are:


*''Très calme''

*''Gaiement et pas trop vite''