Symphony No. 3 by Robert Schumann


'''Symphony No. 3 '''in E-flat major, Op. 97, also known as the '''''Rhenish''''', is the last symphony composed by Robert Schumann (1810-1856), although not the last published. It was composed from 2 November to 9 December 1850, and comprises five movements:


#Scherzo: Sehr mäßig (in C major)

#Nicht schnell (in A-flat major)

#Feierlich (in E-flat minor)


The Third Symphony is scored for two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets in B, two bassoons, four french horns in E, two trumpets in E, three trombones, timpani and strings. It premiered on 6 February 1851 in Düsseldorf, conducted by Schumann himself,John Daverio and Eric Sams. "Schumann, Robert, §18: Director in Dusseldorf, 1850-54" In Grove Music Online. Oxford Music Online, (accessed April 20, 2010). and was received with mixed reviews, "ranging from praise without qualification to bewilderment". However, according to Peter A. Brown, members of the audience applauded between every movement, and especially at the end of the work when the orchestra joined them in congratulating Schumann by shouting "hurrah!".Peter A. Brown, The European Symphony from ca. 1800 to ca. 1930: Germany and the Nordic Countries (Bloomington,IN: Indiana University Press, 2007), 291.