Symphony No. 23 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


'''Symphony No. 23 in D major''', K. 181/162b, of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was dated as complete on May 19, 1773. ISMN M-006-20466-3 It is sometimes called ''"Overture"'', even though the autograph score bears the title ''"Sinfonia"''. ISMN M-006-20466-3 The symphony has the scoring of 2 oboes, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, and strings.


\relative c''' {

\tempo "Allegro spiritoso"

\key d \major

d2:16\f d4 r |

d2:16 d4 r |

d,,8 e16 fis g a b cis d e fis gis a b cis d |

cis4 q


He wrote the symphony as a single uninterrupted movement consisting of 3 distinct tempi:

#Allegro spiritoso, 4/4

#Andantino grazioso, 3/8

#Presto assai, 2/4