Symphony No. 38 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


'''Symphony No. 38''' in D major, K. 504, was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in late 1786. It was premiered in Prague on January 19, 1787,Deutsch 1965, 285 ISMN M-006-20466-3 during Mozart's first visit to the city. Because it was first performed in Prague, it is popularly known as the '''Prague Symphony'''. Mozart's autograph thematic catalogue records December 6, 1786, as the date of completion for this composition.

Other works written by Mozart about contemporary with this symphony include the Piano Trio in B-flat, K. 502 (completed November 18, 1786), the Piano Concerto No. 25, K. 503 (completed December 4, 1786), and ''scena'' and rondò ''Ch'io mi scordi di te?'', K. 505, for soprano and orchestra (completed December 26, 1786). The Prague Symphony work would be known as No. 37 if the so-called Symphony No. 37, K. 444, which is actually a work of Michael Haydn except for the slow introduction added by Mozart, had not been recognized as an authentic work of Mozart by the publisher Breitkopf & Härtel, whose original complete edition of the Mozart symphonies is the origin of the traditional numbering system.