La finta giardiniera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


'''''La finta giardiniera''''' ("The Pretend Garden-Girl"), K. 196, is an Italian opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart wrote it in Munich in January 1775 when he was 18 years old and it received its first performance on January 13 at the Salvator theater in Munich. There is debate over the authorship of the libretto; often ascribed to Calzabigi, some have attributed it to Giuseppe Petrosellini, but it is questioned whether it is in the latter's style.Julian Rushton, [ "Finta giardiniera, La (ii)"], in Grove Music Online , accessed 13 May 2015.

In 1780 Mozart converted the opera into a German Singspiel called '''''Die Gärtnerin aus Liebe''''' (also ''Die verstellte Gärtnerin''), which involved rewriting some of the music. Until a copy of the complete Italian version was found in the 1970s, the German translation was the only known complete score.