Symphony No. 3 by Antonín Dvořák


'''Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 10, B. 34''' is a classical composition by Czech composer Antonín Dvo\u0159ák.

It is not known precisely when the work was created (Dvo\u0159ák scratched out the note on the title page with a knife so effectively that it is not possible to reconstruct the most important data).Score, p. IX However, the symphony was composed probably in 1872, but possibly not scored until the following year. It is also not possible to find out with certainty the original text of the work. It was premiered by Prague Philharmonic Orchestra on March 29, 1874 at the fourth philharmonic concert in the hall on ''\u017dofín'' (Sophia Island), conducted by Bed\u0159ich Smetana. The composition was revised by Dvo\u0159ák in 1887-1889, though not printed until 1912 (after the composer's death) by N. Simrock in Berlin.