Sonata in E major for flute or recorder and basso continuo by Johann Sebastian Bach


'''Sonata in E major for flute or recorder and basso continuo''' by J. S. Bach (BWV 1035) is a sonata in four movements:

* ''Adagio ma non tanto''

* ''Allegro''

* ''Siciliano''

* ''Allegro assai''

The basso continuo can be provided by a variety of instruments. For example in complete Bach recordings, Stephen Preston on Brilliant Classics (originally recorded by CRD UK) is accompanied by harpsichord and viola da gamba while on Hänssler Classic Jean-Claude Gérard is accompanied by piano and bassoon.

This sonata includes frequent use of accidentals, which is unusual for a Bach sonata. There is also a frequent use of terrace dynamics, which is a trademark of Bach. Also, the 2nd and 4th movement follow a binary form with an A and B section that each repeat. Although the piece is in E major, the Siciliano movement is in C# minor. In most music notations of this piece, there are few articulation markings because they would be improvised when performed.