Violin Concerto No. 2 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


''''Violin Concerto No. 2''' in D major K. 211 was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1775. The concerto has the usual fast-slow-fast structure. The movements of the work have the tempo headings:

#Allegro moderato


#Rondeau, Allegro

\relative c'' {

\key d \major

\tempo "Allegro moderato"

4\f a8. a16 fis8 d r \times 2/3 {d16\p( e d)} | g8-| r r \times 2/3 {d16( e d)} | b'8-| r r \times 2/3 {d16\f (cis b)} | \times 2/3 {a16-|[ d( cis]} \times 2/3{d)[ e-| fis-|]} g8-| g-| g\trill fis r


The concerto lasts around 20 minutes.