Symphony No. 38 (Haydn) by Joseph Haydn


'''Symphony No. 38''' in C major, Hoboken I/38, is an early and festive symphonyAntony Hodgson, ''The Music of Joseph Haydn: The Symphonies''. London: The Tantivy Press (1976): 68. No. 38 is introduced as "another C major Festive Symphony." by Joseph Haydn. The symphony was composed some time between 1765 and 1769. Because of the virtuosic oboe parts in the final two movements, it has been suggested that the work's composition may have coincided with the employ of the oboist Vittorino Colombazzo in the fall of 1768.Brown, A. Peter, ''The Symphonic Repertoire'' (Volume 2). Indiana University Press (ISBN 025333487X), pp. 109-112 (2002). The symphony is popularly called the '''Echo''' Symphony, a nickname that, like all other named Haydn symphonies, did not originate with the composer.