L'isola disabitata by Joseph Haydn


'''''''''' (The desert island), Hob. 28/9, is an opera ('''') by Joseph Haydn, his tenth opera, written for the Eszterházy court and premiered on 6 December 1779. The libretto by Metastasio, the only one by that author Haydn set, was previously set by Giuseppe Bonno and subsequently used by Manuel García.A-R Editions 2006 Nino Rota has set excerpts to music as well.

Haydn's work has long been remembered for its dramatic overture, but the rest of the opera did not see print until H. C. Robbins Landon's 1976 edition (only available for rental). A new edition by Thomas J Busse was prepared in 2007 and is now online. The piece is striking for its use of orchestral throughout.

There is also a libretto of the same title by Carlo Goldoni (using the pen name Polisseno Fegeio), set by Giuseppe Scarlatti in 1757; it concerns a Chinese woman and Dutch sailors and was revived in 1760 (and again in Vienna in 1773) under the title ''La cinese smarrita''.Groveonline