Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of The Beach Boys
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Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of The Beach Boys is a box set by the American rock band The Beach Boys, released in 1993 by Capitol Records. It collects tracks spanning their entire career up to that point on four CDs. A fifth disc contains mostly studio session tracks, complete vocal and instrumental tracks, and rare live performances. The set also includes a car window decal. Though it never charted, Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of The Beach Boys went gold in the US just over four months after its release.

The first four discs anthologize the band with mostly mono single versions, but also several demos and unreleased songs; the tracks are organized essentially in chronological order. Disc 2 includes 30 minutes of music from the 1966/1967 Smile sessions, which had been heavily bootlegged for years but never officially released. In addition, there is a hidden recording at the end of Disc 1 of a young Brian Wilson singing “Happy Birthday Four Freshmen” to his favorite vocal group into his multi-track tape recorder in 1960.

Track listing

All songs by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, except where noted.

Disc one
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1.“Surfin’ U.S.A. (Demo Version)”Brian Wilson, Chuck BerryPreviously unreleased1:49
2.“Little Surfer Girl”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased0:31
3.“Surfin’ (Rehearsal)” Previously unreleased1:31
4.“Surfin'” (Featuring Take 1, followed by Take 7 (master)) Surfin’ Safari2:28
5.“Their Hearts Were Full of Spring (Demo)”Bobby TroupPreviously unreleased2:35
6.“Surfin’ Safari” Surfin’ Safari2:16
7.“409”B. Wilson, Mike Love, Gary UsherSurfin’ Safari2:09
8.“Punchline (Instrumental)”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased1:52
9.“Surfin’ U.S.A.”B. Wilson, BerrySurfin’ U.S.A.2:29
10.“Shut Down”B. Wilson, Roger ChristianSurfin’ U.S.A.1:51
11.“Surfer Girl”B. WilsonSurfer Girl2:26
12.“Little Deuce Coupe”B. Wilson, ChristianSurfer Girl1:48
13.“In My Room”B. Wilson, UsherSurfer Girl2:15
14.“Catch a Wave” Surfer Girl2:18
15.“The Surfer Moon”B. WilsonSurfer Girl2:18
16.“Be True to Your School (Single Version)”B. WilsonLittle Deuce Coupe2:07
17.“Spirit of America”B. Wilson, ChristianLittle Deuce Coupe2:20
18.“Little Saint Nick (Single Version)” The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album1:59
19.“The Things We Did Last Summer”J. Styne, S. CahnPreviously unreleased2:27
20.“Fun, Fun, Fun” Shut Down Volume 22:19
21.“Don’t Worry Baby”B. Wilson, ChristianShut Down Volume 22:49
22.“Why Do Fools Fall in Love”Frankie Lymon, Morris LevyShut Down Volume 22:08
23.“The Warmth of the Sun” Shut Down Volume 22:50
24.“I Get Around” All Summer Long2:13
25.“All Summer Long” All Summer Long2:07
26.“Little Honda” All Summer Long1:51
27.Wendy All Summer Long2:20
28.“Don’t Back Down” All Summer Long1:53
29.“Do You Want to Dance”Bobby FreemanThe Beach Boys Today!2:17
30.“When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)” The Beach Boys Today!2:01
31.Dance, Dance, DanceB. Wilson, Carl Wilson, LoveThe Beach Boys Today!1:59
32.“Please Let Me Wonder” The Beach Boys Today!2:45
33.“She Knows Me Too Well” The Beach Boys Today!2:28
34.“Radio Station Jingles/Concert Promo” Previously unreleased1:03
35.“Hushabye (Live)”Doc Pomus, Mort ShumanPreviously unreleased3:56
36.“Happy Birthday Four Freshmen (Hidden Track)”   
Disc two
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1.“California Girls” Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)2:37
2.“Help Me, Rhonda” The Beach Boys Today!2:47
3.“Then I Kissed Her”J. Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil SpectorSummer Days (And Summer Nights!!)2:15
4.“And Your Dream Comes True” Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)1:06
5.“The Little Girl I Once Knew (45 RPM)”B. WilsonNon album single2:37
6.“Barbara Ann (45 RPM)”Fred FassertBeach Boys’ Party!2:04
7.“Ruby Baby (Outtake)”Jerry Leiber, Mike StollerPreviously unreleased2:10
8.“KOMA (Radio Promo Spot)” Previously unreleased0:10
9.“Sloop John B”Traditional; arranged by B. WilsonPet Sounds2:57
10.“Wouldn’t It Be Nice”B. Wilson, Tony AsherPet Sounds2:23
11.“You Still Believe in Me”B. Wilson, AsherPet Sounds2:30
12.“God Only Knows”B. Wilson, AsherPet Sounds2:49
13.“Hang On to Your Ego (Alternate Version)”B. Wilson, Terry SachenPreviously unreleased3:13
14.“I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”B. Wilson, AsherPet Sounds3:12
15.“Pet Sounds”B. WilsonPet Sounds2:22
16.“Caroline, No”B. Wilson, AsherPet Sounds2:52
17.“Good Vibrations (45 RPM)” Non album single3:38
18.“Our Prayer”B. Wilson20/20, intended for Smile1:07
19.“Heroes and Villains”B. Wilson, Van Dyke ParksSmiley Smile, intended for Smile2:56
20.“Heroes and Villains” (Sections)”B. Wilson, ParksPreviously unreleased, intended for Smile6:40
21.“Wonderful”B. Wilson, ParksPreviously unreleased, intended for Smile2:02
22.“Cabinessence”B. Wilson, Parks20/20, intended for Smile3:33
23.“Wind Chimes”B. Wilson, ParksSmiley Smile, intended for Smile2:32
24.“Heroes and Villains (Intro)”B. Wilson, ParksPreviously unreleased, intended for Smile0:35
25.“Do You Like Worms”B. Wilson, ParksPreviously unreleased, intended for Smile4:00
26.“Vegetables”B. Wilson, ParksPreviously unreleased, intended for Smile3:29
27.“I Love to Say Da Da”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased, intended for Smile1:34
28.“Surf’s Up”B. Wilson, ParksSurf’s Up, intended for Smile3:38
29.“With Me Tonight”B. WilsonSmiley Smile2:17
Disc three
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1.“Heroes and Villains”B. Wilson, ParksSmiley Smile3:38
2.“Darlin'” Wild Honey2:12
3.“Wild Honey” Wild Honey2:37
4.“Let the Wind Blow” Wild Honey2:21
5.“Can’t Wait Too Long”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased3:51
6.“Cool, Cool Water”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased1:12
7.“Meant for You” Friends0:40
8.“Friends”B. Wilson, C. Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al JardineFriends2:31
9.“Little Bird”D. Wilson, Stephen KalinichFriends1:58
10.“Busy Doin’ Nothin'”B. WilsonFriends3:04
11.“Do It Again” 20/202:28
12.“I Can Hear Music”J. Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector20/202:38
13.“I Went to Sleep”B. Wilson, Carl Wilson20/201:38
14.“Time to Get Alone”B. Wilson20/202:43
15.“Break Away”B. Wilson, Reggie DunbarNon album single2:56
16.“Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (45 Version)”Huddie Ledbetter20/203:03
17.“San Miguel”D. Wilson, Gregg JakobsonTen Years of Harmony2:26
18.“Games Two Can Play”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased, intended for Adult/Child2:01
19.“I Just Got My Pay”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased2:20
20.“This Whole World”B. WilsonSunflower1:57
21.“Add Some Music to Your Day”B. Wilson, Love, Joe KnottSunflower3:33
22.“Forever”D. Wilson, JakobsonSunflower2:41
23.“Our Sweet Love”B. Wilson, C. Wilson, JardineSunflower2:38
24.“H.E.L.P. Is On the Way”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased, intended for Adult/Child2:30
25.“4th of July”D. Wilson, Jack RieleyPreviously unreleased2:44
26.“Long Promised Road”C. Wilson, RieleySurf’s Up3:27
27.“Disney Girls (1957)”Bruce JohnstonSurf’s Up4:08
28.“Surf’s Up”B. Wilson, ParksSurf’s Up4:13
29.“Til I Die”B. WilsonSurf’s Up2:30
Disc four
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1.“Sail On, Sailor”B. Wilson, Parks, Tandyn Almer, Ray Kennedy, RieleyHolland3:19
3.“The Trader”C. Wilson, RieleyHolland5:04
4.“Funky Pretty”B. Wilson, Love, RieleyHolland4:10
5.“Fairy Tale Music”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased4:05
6.“You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone”B. Wilson, RieleyCarl and the Passions – “So Tough”3:26
7.“Marcella”B. Wilson, RieleyCarl and the Passions – “So Tough”3:52
8.“All This Is That”C. Wilson, Love, JardineCarl and the Passions – “So Tough”3:59
9.“Rock and Roll Music”Berry15 Big Ones2:28
10.“It’s O.K.” 15 Big Ones2:11
11.“Had to Phone Ya”B. Wilson, Love, Diane Rovell15 Big Ones1:44
12.“That Same Song” 15 Big Ones2:15
13.“It’s Over Now”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased, intended for Adult/Child2:50
14.“Still I Dream of It”B. WilsonPreviously unreleased, intended for Adult/Child3:26
15.“Let Us Go On This Way” The Beach Boys Love You1:59
16.“The Night Was So Young”B. WilsonThe Beach Boys Love You2:15
17.“I’ll Bet He’s Nice”B. WilsonThe Beach Boys Love You2:35
18.“Airplane”B. WilsonThe Beach Boys Love You3:04
19.“Come Go with Me”C.E. QuickM.I.U. Album2:03
20.“Our Team”B. Wilson, D. Wilson, C. Wilson, Love, JardinePreviously unreleased2:33
21.“Baby Blue”D. Wilson, Jakobson, Karen LammL.A. (Light Album)3:18
22.“Good Timin'”B. Wilson, C. WilsonL.A. (Light Album)2:11
23.“Goin’ On” Keepin’ the Summer Alive3:03
24.“Getcha Back”Love, Terry MelcherThe Beach Boys3:02
25.“Kokomo”Love, Scott McKenzie, John Phillips, Terry MelcherStill Cruisin’3:37
Disc five (all tracks previously unreleased)
1.“In My Room” (Demo, 1963)”B. Wilson, Usher2:33
2.“Radio Spot #1” 0:09
3.“I Get Around (Track Only, 1964)” 2:19
4.“Radio Spot #2” 0:15
5.“Dance, Dance, Dance (Tracking Session, 1964)”B. Wilson, C. Wilson, Love2:12
6.“Hang On to Your Ego (Sessions)”B. Wilson, Asher6:40
7.“God Only Knows (Tracking Session)”B. Wilson, Asher9:14
8.“Good Vibrations (Sessions)” 15:18
9.“Heroes and Villains (Track Only)”B. Wilson, Parks0:47
10.“Cabinessence (Track Only)”B. Wilson, Parks3:59
11.“Surf’s Up (Track Only)”B. Wilson, Parks1:40
12.“Radio Spot #3” 0:06
13.“All Summer Long (Vocals)” 2:12
14.“Wendy (Vocals)” 2:27
15.“Hushabye (Vocals)”Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman2:42
16.“When I Grow Up (Vocals)” 2:19
17.“Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Vocals)”B. Wilson, Asher2:43
18.“California Girls (Vocals only)” 2:34
19.“Radio Spot #4” 0:11
20.“Concert Intro/Surfin’ USA (Live 1964)” 3:15
21.“Surfer Girl (Live 1964)”B. Wilson2:52
22.“Be True to Your School (Live 1964)” 2:29
23.“Good Vibrations (Live 1966)” 5:14
24.“Surfer Girl (Live in Hawaii Rehearsals 1967)”B. Wilson2:18
Disc six (European Edition only)
1.“Bluebirds Over the Mountain” 
2.“Tears in the Morning” 
3.“Here Comes the Night (12″ version)” 
4.“Lady Lynda” 

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