Aaron Burckhard

Aaron Burckhard (born November 14, 1963) is an American musician who was the primary drummer recruited for Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic’s rock group that quickly got here to be often called Nirvana.[1] Burckhard carried out as part of this band till December 1987. Burckhard was not part of Nirvana by the point it recorded its first demo at Reciprocal Recordings in Seattle on January 23, 1988 (Dale Crover of Melvins served as his substitute).

With Nirvana

Burckhard’s drumming may be heard on the primary disc of Nirvana’s With the Lights Out. He performed on the band’s first stay present, which was a 1987 home get together in Raymond, Washington. He additionally performed drums for a radio broadcast on KAOS on Might 6, 1987.

Burckhard’s dismissal purportedly got here because of his risky nature which propelled him into frequent bodily confrontations with folks. A further criticism towards Burckhard was that he didn’t take his membership with the band as severely as Kurt Cobain needed him to. Burckhard continuously skipped apply, which infuriated Cobain. The final straw occurred when Burckhard bought Cobain’s automotive impounded after getting arrested for DUI.[2]

Put up-Nirvana

Starting in 2005, Burckhard has performed with the band Attica.[3] In 2011, Burckhard, Clint Mullins, and Mat Watson fashioned the band Screaming Sons of… In 2013, he joined a brand new band known as Underneath Sin.

Preceded by

N/A: Authentic drummer
Drummer of Nirvana
Early 1987 – December 1987
Succeeded by

Dale Crover

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