Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

Pokémon the Film: Hoopa and the Conflict of Ages, recognized in Japan as Pokémon the Film XY: The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa (ポケモン・ザ・ムービーXY 光輪リングの超魔神 フーパ, Pokemon Za Mūbī Ekkusu Wai Ringu no chōmajin Fūpa) is a 2015 Japanese anime journey movie and the 18th within the Pokémon movie collection created by Satoshi Tajiri. It was directed by Kunihiko Yuyama, written by Atsuhiro Tomioka and produced by OLM. The movie stars the voices of Rica Matsumoto, Ikue Ōtani, Mayuki Makiguchi, Yūki Kaji, Mariya Ise, Megumi Hayashibara, Shin-ichiro Miki, Inuko Inuyama, Rie Kugimiya, Kōichi Yamadera, and Shoko Nakagawa. Within the movie, Hoopa, a Pokémon capable of summon folks and different Pokémon, splits into two kinds: the actual Hoopa, and a shadow created after Hoopa’s powers have been sealed for 100 years. Hoopa’s shadow makes an attempt to manage the type of the actual Hoopa.

The movie was launched in Japan on July 18, 2015. An English dub was produced by DuArt Movie and Video, and stars the voices of Sarah Natochenny, Haven Paschall, Michael Liscio Jr, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Michele Knotz, Carter Cathcart, Lori Phillips, Ryan William Downey, and Emily Woo Zeller. It premiered in theaters in Australia on November 5, 2015, and aired in Canada on Teletoon on November 14, 2015, in the UK on CITV on December 12, 2015, and in the US on Cartoon Community on December 19, 2015.


100 years in the past, the ability of the Pokémon Hoopa was confined contained in the Jail Bottle after it grew to become damaging and uncontrolled. Within the current, Ash Ketchum and his mates, Pikachu, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie are pulled by a portal created by Hoopa’s interdimensional rings to Dahara Metropolis. Hoopa makes an attempt to make use of its rings to move everyone to the close by Dahara Tower however it’s revealed that, in its altered state, Hoopa can’t journey by the rings it creates. Baraz, one in all Hoopa’s caretakers and the nice grandson of the person who sealed off Hoopa’s energy, arrives with the Jail Bottle. The bottle possesses Baraz and makes him launch a shadow of Hoopa created from the anger of being confined for 100 years. Hoopa’s energy is put again into the bottle.

Crew Rocket tries stealing the bottle. The moment Meowth takes maintain of it, he turns into possessed, and opens the bottle to unleash Hoopa’s energy. Hoopa fights the ability and is ready to preserve it at bay, however Hoopa’s shadow then develops as a separate Pokémon, which makes an attempt to take over the actual Hoopa. Within the struggles, the Jail Bottle explodes. Hoopa summons the Legendary Pokémon Lugia. Lugia distracts Hoopa’s shadow as Hoopa makes its escape. Baraz and his sister Meray know that they’ll make a brand new bottle at Dahara Tower with the ability of earth, hearth, and water. They determined to make use of Serena’s Braixen, Ash’s Frogadier, and a wild Hippopotas from the desert.

Lugia in the meantime, beneficial properties the higher hand in its duel with Hoopa’s shadow which ends the battle by tricking Lugia into flying by a hoop which returns Lugia again to its ocean dwelling. Hoopa then summons the legendary Pokémon Latias, Latios, and Rayquaza. Ash, Hoopa, and Pikachu experience on Latias and Latios, whereas Rayquaza helps to battle Hoopa’s shadow. Ash instructions the Pokémon to assault, however Hoopa’s shadow summons six different Legendary Pokémon. In the meantime, on the tower, the others are working to make a brand new Jail Bottle, utilizing the powers of fireplace, earth, and water.

Rayquaza creates a tornado round Dahara Tower to guard it, whereas the others inside reforge the Jail Bottle. Nonetheless, Hoopa’s shadow and the legendary Pokémon break by it. The bottle is made once more, however Baraz drops it. Ash catches it however will get possessed. Hoopa cleanses the shadow of itself with its blissful recollections, inflicting the evil to vanish. Nonetheless, because of too many legendary Pokémon being summoned, a time warp kinds across the tower. Hoopa, its absolutely restored powers not affected by anger, helps everybody contained in the tower escape with its rings. However Hoopa can’t go by the rings. Then the space-time rift stops. Initially Arceus stops it with its energy, giving Hoopa yet another probability to flee. Hoopa escapes remembering the phrases of Baraz and Meray’s nice grandfather that initially confined Hoopa’s energy, and considers Baraz and Meray household. Hoopa decides to stick with them, and is lastly capable of journey by the ring. Hoopa decides to rebuild town earlier than returning to its dwelling within the Arche Valley.


Common characters

Character Voice Actor (Japanese) Voice Actor (English)
Ash Ketchum Rica Matsumoto Sarah Natochenny
Pikachu Ikue Ōtani
Serena Mayuki Makiguchi Haven Paschall
Clemont Yūki Kaji Michael Liscio Jr
Bonnie Mariya Ise Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Jessie Megumi Hayashibara Michele Knotz
James Shin-ichiro Miki Carter Cathcart
Meowth Inuko Inuyama
Wobbuffet Yūji Ueda Kayzie Rogers
Dedenne Megumi Sato
Narrator Unshō Ishizuka Rodger Parsons

Visitor characters

  • Hoopa (フーパ, Hūpa): Often known as the Mischief and the Legendary Pokémon. Within the authentic Japanese, Rie Kugimiya voices Hoopa’s Confined kind. Kōichi Yamadera voices Hoopa’s Unbound kind. Within the English dub, Lori Phillips voices Hoopa’s Confined kind. Ryan William Downey voices Hoopa’s Unbound kind.
  • Baraz (バルザ, Baruza): The older brother of Meray who tries to make Hoopa unbound. Within the authentic Japanese, Tatsuya Fujiwara voices Baraz. Within the English dub, Daniel J. Edwards voices Baraz.
  • Meray (メアリ, Meari): The youthful sister of Baraz who additionally takes care of Hoopa. Within the authentic Japanese, Shoko Nakagawa voices Meray. Within the English dub, Emily Woo Zeller voices Meray.


The Japanese ending theme music is “Tweedia” composed by Kenji Tamai and Masahiro Tobinai, and carried out by Rei Yasuda. The English ending theme music is “Each Aspect of Me” composed by Ed Goldfarb, and carried out by Dani Marcus.


Because the 18th movie within the Pokémon collection, its manufacturing started as quickly as manufacturing of the seventeenth installment ended. Primarily based on the sixth technology of Pokémon video video games, it’s based mostly across the legendary Pokémon Hoopa.

Field workplace

The film grossed ¥2,610,000,000 in Japan. It’s the one of many lowest-grossing film of all of the Pokémon films, performing barely higher than lowest-grossing movie, Pokémon Heroes.


The film was launched on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on December 16, 2015 by SMD Itaku. Within the US, Viz Media launched the film on DVD on March 8, 2016. Within the UK, the film was launched on DVD and Blu-ray by Manga Leisure.[2]

  • Official web site (in Japanese)
  • Pokémon the Film: Hoopa and the Conflict of Ages at Anime Information Community’s encyclopedia
  • Pokémon the Film: Hoopa and the Conflict of Ages at IMDb

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