Royal Nirvana

Royal Nirvana (Chinese: 鹤唳华亭) is a 2019 Chinese television series based on the novel of the same name by Xue Man Liang Yuan. It stars Luo Jin and Li Yitong.[1] It started airing on Youku from November 12, 2019.[2]


Crown Prince Xiao Ding Quan lost his mother and sister at a young age and his father, the Emperor, is distant towards him because he is backed by his maternal uncle General Gu and the army he controls. He lives on tenterhooks, fearful of losing the handful of people who are close to him. His father is a formidable figure whom he both respects and fears. Even as he strives to receive his love and approval, he is also afraid of the inevitable crushing disappointment if he fails.

Firstborn Prince Qi has designs on the throne and conspires against Ding Quan with the help of his father-in-law, the powerful Chancellor Li Bai Zhou. They cause harm to befall the people he cherishes and widen the rift between the Emperor and Ding Quan.

Teacher Lu Shi Yu who is strongly influenced by Confucian values is a fatherly figure to Ding Quan. He summons his student Lu Ying back to the capital with the intention of recommending the latter’s daughter Wen Xi to be the Crown Princess so as to help Ding Quan gain an upright and trustworthy ally in court. Ding Quan and Wen Xi meet by chance when her brother gets into trouble and they develop mutual admiration although Ding Quan has never seen what she looks like.

When Wen Xi’s father and brother are thrown into jail, Wen Xi goes undercover as a maid in the Crown Prince’s residence to help them. In the process, she quietly supports Ding Quan to resolve two cases. Together, the couple manages to redress Wen Xi’s father and brother’s case and bring the villains to justice. They are each other’s pillar of support as they brave dangers and make sacrifices to bring peace to the country.



Luo JinXiao DingquanCrown Prince. Third prince of Southern Qi.
He yearns for his father’s love but is feared and suppressed due to his position.
Li YitongLu Wenxi (Abao)High ranking official Lu Ying’s daughter. She is the woman Xiao Dingquan loved.
She disguises as a maidservant and sneaks into the palace to seek revenge for her family’s death.


Royal family

Huang ZhizhongXiao RuijianEmperor of Northern Qi. Previously the Prince of Ning.
Wang YuankeGu SiqingDeceased Empress of Northern Qi. Gu Silin’s younger sister. Xiao Dingquan’s mother.
Miao PuNoble Consort ZhaoDaughter of Zhao Yong, the Count of Anping. Mother of Xiao Dingtang and Xiao Dingkai.
Zhao YuanyuanNoble Lady Song
Jin Han[citation needed]Xiao DingtangPrince of Qi. Eldest prince of Northern Qi.
,An extremely ambitious man who schemes in order to claim the title of the Crown Prince. He is favored by the King. He frames Xiao Dingquan of killing Lu Ying.
Lu YanqiPrincess Consort of QiLi Baizhou’s daughter. She is hot-tempered.
Xin Peng[3]Xiao DingkaiPrince of Zhao. Fifth prince of Northern Qi.
He also in love with Lu Wenxi.


Wang Jinsong[4]Lu ShiyuMinister of personnel. Grand tutor. Xiao Dingquan’s teacher, who provides him guidance and advice.
Zhang ZhijianLi BaizhouHead of the secretariat. Xiao Dingtang’s father-in-law.
Terry Chiu Hsin-ChihLu YingPalace assistant secretary.
Bao DaozhiZhang LuzhengMinister of justice.
Alan Liu Te-KaiGu SilinMarquis of Wude. Xiao Dingquan’s uncle.
He wields great military power.


Zheng Yecheng[5]Gu Feng’enCount of Jiayi. Gu Silin’s son.
Liu YitongLu WenpuLu Ying’s son.
Cheng XiaomengZhang NianzhiZhang Luzheng’s daughter.
Dong Chunhui[6]Zhang ShaoyunZhang Luzheng’s son.
Wang YuXu Changping
Liu HailanXixiangA palace maid.
Hao LeiLady ZhangA palace maid of the deceased empress.
Wang RuiziLady WuA palace maid of the service bureau. Lady Zhang’s daughter.


1.Leave the Secular World (出尘)” (Opening theme)Duan SisiTan XuanKim Jimun 
2.Wish to Have Your Heart (愿得一人心)” (Ending theme)Yin YueQian LeiZhou Shen 
3.“Picture of Crane (放鹤图)” (Interlude)Liu ChangTan XuanZhou Shen 
4.“Crane and Fire (鹤·焰)” (Interlude)Yin YueYin Yue, Sa DingdingSa Dingding 


The series is produced and directed by Yang Wenjun (Happy Memories of the Ma’s; Best Director winner at Shanghai Television Festival). It is written by Xue Man Liang Yuan, the author of the original novel. Other notable cast members include style director William Chang and art director Chen Haozhong (Empresses in the Palace, Eternal Love).[citation needed]

The series began filming in May 2018 at Xiangshan Film and Television Town,[7] and wrapped up in January 2019 at Dunhuang.[citation needed] Filming also took place in Wuxi and Inner Mongolia.[citation needed]


Douban gave the drama 7.1 out of 10 out of more than 57,000 user reviews.[8]

Awards and nominations

Golden Bud – The Fourth Network Film And Television FestivalBest Web SeriesRoyal NirvanaNominated[9][10]
Top Ten Web SeriesWon
Quality Director of the YearYang WenjunWon
Best ActorLuo JinNominated
Wang JinsongNominated
Jin HanNominated
Best ActressLi YitongNominated
Most Promising ActorZheng YechengWon
Sina Film & TV Award CeremonyTop Ten Television SeriesWon[11]
26th Shanghai Television FestivalBest CinematographyGan YunquanNominated[12]
Best Art DirectionChen HaozhongNominated
29th Huading AwardBest ActorLuo JinPending
Best ActressLi YitongPending

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