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Beyond Dreams – Pathways to Deep Relaxation is an award-winning new release by multi-platinum-selling Canadian recording artist Hennie Bekker. With this album, Bekker’s goal was to combine rhythmic entrainment with melodies that listeners could enjoy while preparing for sleep, meditating, or practicing yoga or general self-exploration. The six tracks on Beyond Dreams – Pathways to Deep Relaxation comprise sixty minutes of continuous music that is designed to help the listener achieve a deep state of relaxation.



~ beautiful music that has effects beyond music ~

Beyond Dreams is beautiful music that has effects beyond music – it features precisely crafted sonic effects based on scientific research to enhance your body and brain response. The body is rhythmic – from foundational rhythms like the 11 second feedback loop between brainstem and heart, to the heartbeat, to brainwaves we pulse with rhythmic energy. As music is rhythmic, it can subtly synchronize and regulate body rhythms. In this album, carefully designed sound supports the regularity of the brain-heart connection, serves to slow the heart rate to transcend stress, and nudges brainwaves into a state of deep relaxation, meditation, or even sleep. In this album, musical elements of melodic motion entrain brainwave response at theta and delta frequencies to allow a deep relaxed state. The flow of the naturally relaxing, de-stressing, sleepy music is underpinned with a foundation of potent low frequency sound in the gamma range of brain activity. Gamma brain frequency in the 30 – 40Hz range has recently been shown to be crucially responsible for brain connectivity to support internal circuits responsible for emotion, movement, consciousness and cognition, and memory. This album features strong pulsations in the 30 – 40Hz range to support those key brain functions, and the experience can be enhanced with a vibroacoustic device. So sit back and listen as this powerful music takes you to a place of deep rejuvenating calm.

Above foreword is from the album liner notes and is written by Dr. Lee Bartel, Founding Director of the Music and Health Research Collaboratory, University of Toronto, Canada. Scientific designer of 25 music medicine albums including the highly successful Hennie Bekker albums, Music to Promote Sleep and Natural Stress Relief II.


“In a departure from the more worldly music that has characterized Hennie Bekker’s recordings in recent years, his latest album, Beyond Dreams reflects a more otherworldly sonic dimension. Based on the latest scientific research in brainwaves and body response, the music is specifically created to facilitate a state of deep relaxation. Dreamy synthesizers, piano, soft rhythmic pulses, and ambient atmospheres gently entrain the listener into a profoundly peaceful state. As a sound-healing tool, Beyond Dreams creates the perfect ambiance for a rejuvenating inner journey.” –Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

“Hennie Bekker’s Beyond Dreams takes the listener into the uncharted backwaters of deep relaxation, combining Bekker-characteristic warm, keyboard melodies with subtle, soft rhythms. The results are richly rewarding. Your cares unwind, the world slows to a slow, comfortable pace, and whatever troubles you have fade into the soft glow of serenity induced by the music’s magic. Meticulous attention to production quality only further enhances the luxuriant sense of relaxation which fills this album from start to finish. Ideal for massage therapists or anyone who simply needs to rid her or himself of the stress of modern living. Highly recommended!” –Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter/Retailing Insight magazine

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