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Brilliant 1998 album of tales of dusty trails…one of her best! Includes ‘Right In Time’ & Drunken Angel’.

Lucinda Williams makes this whole music thing seem so simple: Write in plain language about the people and places that crowd your memory; add subtle flavors of a mandolin here, a Dobro there, perhaps an accordion or slide guitar; above all, sing as honestly and naturally as you can. Of course, it took her six years to achieve this simplicity, an amazing achievement considering the number of knobs that were turned. Her exquisite voice moans and groans and slips and slides–she delivers a polished tone in a coarse manner. On the superb “Concrete and Barbed Wire,” soft acoustic guitars are punctuated by electric slide, accordion, mandolin, and Steve Earle’s harmony. Williams’s deeply personal stories are matched with bluesy rumbles, raunchy grooves, and plaintive whispers. The entire Deep South is reduced to a sleepy small town filled with ex-lovers, dive bars, and endless gravel roads. –Marc Greilsamer


…Williams sings in a voice that aches and soars, her Dixie drawl giving her tunes a twang of red clay and piney woods authenticity. — People

Car Wheels is her masterpiece, a meditation on the past, suffused with love, anger, remorse, resilience and, above all, a dreamy sensuality. [The album] captures both geographical landscape and emotional mind-set better than any album since Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind. — New Musical Express

Williams combines economic melodies, evocative lyrics and a big but unsentimental voice in clingy songs charged with determination, regrets and bittersweet recollections. — USA Today

Williams has rarely sounded better. And when her voice meets a first-rate song (and some accordions and Dobros), few country-folkies more acutely evoke the elementary highs and lows of daily life. — Entertainment Weekly

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