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From Spike Jonze, the acclaimed director of the smash films “Adaptation” & “Being John Malkovich” comes Directors Label: The Work of Director Spike Jonze. This 2-sided DVD is the first time the bulk of Spike’s non-theatrical work has ever been compiled o

When you experience The Work of Director Spike Jonze, you enter a world where anything can happen and frequently does. From the innovative director of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation., this superior compilation of music videos, documentaries, interviews, and early rarities offers abundant proof that Jonze is the real deal–a filmmaker ablaze with fresh ideas and fresh ways of filming them. While collectors will regret that only 16 of Jonze’s 40+ music videos are included here, this glorious sampling represents the cream of Jonze’s bumper crop, and for sheer ingenuity, it doesn’t get any better than this. From the Beastie Boys’ popular TV cop-spoof “Sabotage” to the intensely disciplined backwards-filming technique of the Pharcyde’s “Drop,” it’s clear that Jonze has an affinity for inventive street theater, culminating in the sad/happy vibe of Fatlip’s introspective “What’s Up Fatlip?” and the pop-jazz effervescence of Bjork’s “It’s Oh So Quiet.” Technical wizardry is also a Jonze trademark, especially in the elaborate “Happy Days” nostalgia of Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” and the graceful fly-wire dancing of Christopher Walken to Fatboy Slim’s pulsing “Weapon of Choice.” No doubt about it: Every one of these videos is an award-worthy testament to Jonze’s ability to combine hard work with fun-loving spontaneity.

Accompanied by an informative 52-page booklet, this two-sided DVD (one in a three-disc series that includes the equally dazzling work of Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham) also explores Jonze’s artistic evolution with an entertaining selection of video rarities and three half-hour documentaries, the best being a revealing and very funny interview with rapper Fatlip after his dismissal from the Pharcyde. Commentaries for the music videos are consistently worthwhile, supporting Jonze’s own belief that his best videos were made for artists whose work he genuinely enjoyed. Lucky for us, his pleasure is infectious. –Jeff Shannon

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Director’s Series, Vol. 1 – The Work of Director Spike Jonze  
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