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In our alternative universe, the Stones hitch a wagon, trek up north a bit and, instead of maracas and slide guitar, pick up mandolin and banjo and just flat out git it! Mr. Richards and Co. traveled close to the Appalachian range on the song “Country Honk” from the Let It Bleed album. We wanted them to complete the journey, and the music contained on this CD is our version of that hypothetical hayride.

The small difference ‘tween the blues and bluegrass is not just etymological, my friend. Tempos aside, the two genres have much in common as expressions of the difficulty and sadness, and sometimes, the joyfulness of the life of the downtrodden. When the Stones discovered the gutbucket blues of the swamp in ’68 with their mud-encrusted masterpiece Beggars Banquet, they were just a country road away from the release you hold in your hand. Roll, banjos, roll!

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