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Golden slumbers await your little pride and joy at the end of lullaby road. The Beatles are the most famous songwriters of the twentieth century. Their songs are known by people of all ages here, there, and everywhere. The dreamy quality of their later work provides the blueprint for these beautiful lullaby interpretations. It will glide your little one out across the universe, through an octopus’s garden, and lay them down in a slumberland of strawberry fields.

No one will be able to say for sure whether Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles will successfully “glide your little one across the universe, through an octopus’s garden, and send them into a slumberland of strawberry fields,” as it says it will on the back on the disc, but one thing it won’t do is bonk you over the head with the sub-par production you might expect from a novelty disc. The latest CD in the series that has provided hipster parents with wordless, infant-friendly versions of Led Zeppelin, U2, Metallica, and many others takes a turn for the unapologetically melodic here, having its way with classics from “Here Comes the Sun” to “Hey Jude.” The result is, as ever, powder-puffy yet inarguably palatable, whether you’re the one swaddled in the crib or the one staring down into it waiting for the sandman to arrive. “Michelle” was a dozy song to begin with; here it’s a doorway to a peaceful drift-off that, with any luck, will last long enough get the laundry done. –Tammy La Gorce

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Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles  
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