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Certified at 2 million units by the RIAA. (2/01)

Although the prime exponents of the ’70s California soft rock style were album artists such as America, Bread, and Poco, Seals and Crofts–essentially an AM singles band–have aged even better. The key is in their tight songwriting. “Summer Breeze,” “Diamond Girl,” and the rest of the hits display an odd, but apt, sense of arrangement and instrumentation–and enough of a rock & roll sensibility to keep their sound from slumping into period piece laid-backism. Case in point: The duo’s first band was the Champs, noted for the fake-Latin crudhopper “Tequila.” Even so, it’s not grit, but ace songcraft that captures the prize here. All of the ace songs are included. –Gavin McNett

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Seals & Crofts’ Greatest Hits  
Au nom de la vérité : Algérie 1954-1962 *  Drogenabhängige, Verwahrlosung, Handy-Zwang – mein Kulturschock als Deutscher in den USA *  Vonyx SL10 – Enceinte Passive, Puissance de 500 Watts, woofer de 10 Pouces, poignées de Transport, Enceinte Disco… *  *-* Ocean Drum 12 «  *  Sophroméga *  Caffe Créole, 62, boulevard Beaumarchais 75011 Paris *  -*-