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This CD is not meant to take the place of any Rolling Stones recording. We created it with great respect for the original songs, but with the intention of seeing how they might sound if the Stones had recorded them in an acoustic fashion. Although no electric guitars were used in this digital recording, every effort was made to retain the original flavor of the Stones. As every true Stones fan will note, however, on a few of the tracks we couldn’t resist the impulse toward a little originality. During the late seventies, after being exposed to innumerable Elvis impersonators as well as the phenomenon of Beatlemania, I decided a tribute to still another great musical aggregation was in order. And so in 1979 our group, the Rolling Clones, was formed. During the next decade we toured extensively throughout California and, thanks to our road crew and our many loyal Clones fans, played an average of sixteen shows per month. When we became the first Rolling Stone tribute band ever to play Las Vegas, our reputation seemed to explode beyond the boundaries of the western states and we became known in other parts of the country as well.

I have many memories – some just a little hazy now – of that wonderful period in my life when I was first privileged to be Mick Jagger for the night.

We have tried to include something for everyone on this CD, from the chilling voodoo sound of “Sympathy for the Devil” to the very obscure and rare “Memo from Turner”. By special request, we have also added “2000 Light Years from Home” as well as the early London/ABKCO hits.


Could The Rolling Stones have done it any better? Jimmy Lee’s vocals which are strikingly Jaggeresque! Simply a sensational tribute (Los Angeles Times (Orange County)) — (Los Angeles Times)

The Rolling Clones instrumentation and music performance is uncanny – so much like the Stones … —

The use of acoustic instrumentation makes the album sound as though you are listening to an MTV recorded album. —

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The Rolling Clones are recognized world wide for re-creating Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones live on stage in a concert format.

The Rolling Clones were formed in 1979, and became internationally known as the premier Rolling Stones tribute band. They toured exclusively throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan, and were the first Rolling Stone tribute band to appear in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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